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Ana Mota

Guest Participant

The therapist and teacher of alternative therapies and founder of the Center Universe Atma.
She administer studies and consultations.

Early on I felt very connected to the spiritual life while struggling in the dayly life, like all of us against the stress of an accelerated life trying to maintain inner balance in the face of a demanding job, the rush to be in time when facing queues of buses, the subway and squeezes, the challenges of family and social life.

I thought, 'life can not be just that!

And then I answered many questions about the meaning of life and the mysteries and yearnings of the soul, first with Psychology, Philosophy and then, later, with Buddhism.

In this quest Reiki crossed my way and I decided to start this practice of energy healing after a treatment session. This meeting would have a profound impact on me at all levels and mark the beginning of a great way of healing. Then I decide to become a Reiki therapist to be able to share with others this way.

During my career in Reiki, I was having training in psychotherapy because I think it is essential to consider the psychological patterns, trauma, repressions, and other phobias that often lead to physical illness.

Today, I am a Reiki Master in the system Usui Reiki Ryoho, Master of Primology, Master of Karuna and Psychotherapist using Regression with Reiki, Core Transformation and Method Louise Hay

My quest continues to improve myself as a person and as healer looking for more and more tools for healing in order to be able to share them with all who come to me.

'Because the way is made by walking'

(Extract from her Site - click to visit - in portuguese)


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